halloween office decoration final with flame

How I Built a Game of Thrones Halloween Decoration Around My Office Cubicle For $20

When my company’s Halloween office decoration contest started heating up, I couldn’t hold back. Entering the contest wasn’t in the plan this year with so many other projects in the works. But after seeing everyone else in the Halloween spirit, I thought: “You cannot let another year pass without making something!” This realization happened on […]

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Halloween Graveyard Decorations Light Up Minnesota Yard

This Halloween graveyard decoration in Minnesota gets bigger and bigger every year! Rory Anderson adds more animatronics, more fog, more features, bigger, faster, better! Check out his complete walk-through video down below, you’ll love seeing what this thing looks like at night. Halloween Graveyard That Takes Over The Yard In Minnesota Images by Rory Anderson / YouTube Rory […]

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