Homemade Working Replica of Disney’s Haunted Mansion Ride In A Garage

This awesome Dad built a garage haunted mansion for the “Haunt Your Disney Side” contest, and it actually worked!

In 2011, Dan Schmidt began toying with the idea of creating a rollercoaster at home after watching some videos of other backyard creations on YouTube.

After relocating to a new home (with a huge garage), his project began with help from his kids…and a very understanding wife!

Watch a sneak peek of this haunted garage ride in action.

See photos of Dan’s journey with building, testing and designing the set for his homemade version below, and check out his blog for more details.

This is the earliest pic of Dan’s track development before he settled on the final design.

Dan eventually switched to a single-rail system instead, which allowed the vehicle to make tighter turns in a more confined area. It’s also based on a similar concept used in early Disney dark rides.

Once the ride vehicle mechanics were complete, the vehicle’s design began to take shape.

Then more track features, twists and turns were added.

Dan’s first test run was finally ready for takeoff!

After the track was completed, the set began to take shape with key elements from the original ride.

Even a pop-up ghost from the cemetery was added, with power from a Shop-Vac!

Dan even tested a lifting device, to pull the vehicle up the track for a more authentic coaster-styled experience. Here’s part of his design…

Regular testing was needed of course. Good thing there were a few volunteers ready and able to assist in the action.

Dan’s final design included a few “dips” that were engineered to control the pace. It even handled full-sized adult riders with ease.

Major kudos to Dan for creating an unbelievable memory for his trick-or-treaters and his family. And, for inspiring us to take on bigger projects of our own!

This Halloween haunt wins our approval, hands down (and I think his trick-or-treaters would agree!) 🙂

For more info about this haunt, check out Dan’s blog here.

Images by Garage Haunted Mansion.

Our big thanks to Dan for sharing!

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