Animatronic Haunted Mansion Inspired Coffin Prop Lifts With Skeleton Hands

This coffin dweller is breaking out to haunt your neighborhood! The prop is constructed of two wire framed hands covered in tape and aluminum foil, then connected to a lifting mechanism for a realistic rising and falling motion.

First, a wire is bent and secured to PVC pipe to frame out the hand and fingers.

Then it’s covered with tape to form solid areas of the palm and wrist.

The entire hand is wrapped with aluminum foil, fitting tightly around the fingers for a skele-tinny-look!

Inside the lifting mechanism, you’ll see a brilliantly simple design. One pivot point and 1 motor varies the height and length of the rising and falling motion (closeup image below).

Created by James Lopez, Animator

Images by Haunted Mansion Northside

Our big thanks to James for sharing!

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