How To Make Halloween Tombstone Props Rock In Random Motions

What if your cemetery tombstone prop could rock and roll?

This home haunter rigged up a motion rocker using plywood, 2×4 blocks and a $4 dollar 3 RPM, 12-volt motor powered by a computer power supply.

Try to say that 3 times fast…

With it all hidden inside the tombstone let’s take a closer look at how he did it!

How To Make Halloween Tombstones Move In Random Ways

Images by heresjohnny / YouTube.

The motor draws very little power from a computer power supply.

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Power Supply

A simple irregularly cut cam mixes large and small movements, instead of just up and down.

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Motor Mechanism

And the incredibly low profile of the power wire helps it easily stay out of your trick or treaters’ view!

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Motor Closeup

Three motors were considered for the job: a deer motor (left), the 12-volt 3 RPM motor (middle) and a 12-volt 6 RPM motor (in hand).

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Motor Sizes

They all share the same approximate radius (and can be interchanged!)

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Motor Radius

You can swap this entire setup into other tombstones by hallow-ing out the insides…(see what I did there?)

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Hollow Area

To prevent the tombstone from toppling over, two rods on each side help add extra lateral support.

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Lateral Stability

This jig helps line up the rod holes inside the prop to make sure they line up perfectly with the motor mechanism.

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Jig Template for Rods

Once the jig is in place, you can head an aluminum rod with a butane torch and push through the jig to create a nice long pilot hole.

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Aluminum Rods For Pilot Holes

Alas! Screw the base into a larger wood platform for extra stability.

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Secure Base With Wood Screws

What a slick little project to animate your cemetery!

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop Final Photo

Hey, check out this phot “before” the armature was added and painted…

Moving Tombstone Prop Before Armature

…ok, and another “after!” (:

Moving Halloween Tombstone Prop After Finished and Painted

Thank you Johnny!

For more info about this DIY, check out Johnny Ghost’s blog.

Images by heresjohnny / YouTube.

Our big thanks to Johnny for sharing!

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