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Zagone Studios Old Lady Mask
Zagone Studios Animal Creature Mask
Zagone Studios Cartoon Eyes Mask
Zagone Studios Scary Old Man Mask
Zagone Studios UV Blacklight Mask
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4533 W North Ave, Melrose Park, IL 60160
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Zagone Studios, a family-owned business with over five decades of experience in designing and crafting masks and costumes, is a hub for a diverse range of products and services linked to Halloween, theater, haunted houses, and various other events. The website proudly features a unique collection of masks, costumes, and accessories, all meticulously handmade in the USA by skilled artisan craftsmen.

Zagone Studios targets those interested in Halloween, theater, haunted houses, and similar events that demand costumes and masks, offering exclusive, uncommon products not readily found in mainstream stores.

Their highlighted products encompass Masks, Costumes/Kits, Collector’s Edition, and Exclusives. These stand out due to their distinct designs and superior quality. The Masks guarantee an exceptional fit for a lifelike experience, while the Costumes/Kits are designed for comfort, lightness, and excellent visibility. The Collector’s Edition features unique and unusual masks and costumes, and the Exclusives present items solely available on the Zagone Studios website.

Customers laud Zagone Studios for their product quality, unique design, and excellent customer service. Praised as an exceptional destination for those seeking unique and extraordinary products associated with Halloween, theater, haunted houses, and more.

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