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About This Supplier

Zombie Skin is a fast-drying latex formula that has the consistency of whipped cream, but has the ability to be used to fill in edges and smooth them for blending. Alone Zombie Skin can be used for making cuts, wounds, blisters, and claw marks.

Zombie-Skin caters to special effects makeup enthusiasts, providing a distinctive collection of zombie-themed items, such as foam latex prosthetics, wounds, and makeup, along with a variety of special effects makeup products like Halloween makeup, airbrush makeup, and makeup brushes.

These unique and exclusive products are not commonly found in mainstream stores.

Highlighting their popular products, Zombie-Skin offers the Zombie Skin, Zombie Weapons, and Zombie Sculpture. The Zombie Skin revolutionizes FX latex makeup, widely used by professional makeup artists in movies and haunted attractions worldwide. The Zombie Weapons present a collection of knives and swords resembling tools from a post-apocalyptic world. The Zombie Sculpture features lifelike zombie-inspired figures.

Praised for their product quality, unique design, and excellent customer service, Zombie-Skin is highly recommended by customers interested in special effects makeup, Halloween makeup, and airbrush makeup.

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