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Von Grimm productions repairs and repaints silicone masks, creates custom masks and offers makeup design and application services.

Von Grimm Productions, under the leadership of owner and chief artist Matt Scott, is a specialized company renowned for its expertise in costume and creature design. With over 14 years of experience in the haunted attraction and special makeup effects industry, Matt Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the company. Von Grimm Productions offers an array of services, including custom mask making, makeup design and application, silicone mask repair, silicone mask repainting, seminars, classes, and engages in television, music video, and film projects regularly.

Designed with haunters in mind, Von Grimm Productions’ products prioritize both actor comfort and owner/manager durability. All masks come with an impressive 100% lifetime warranty, emphasizing the company’s commitment to quality. The company also provides repair services for both latex and silicone masks. Among their top-rated products are Gnarly Charlie, Sammy Slack-Jaw, Pepe the Baby Chimp, Putrid Pete, and Mortimer Ghost Puppet, all receiving acclaim from satisfied customers.

Von Grimm Productions caters to a diverse audience interested in creating a spooky ambiance for Halloween events or attractions. Their products and services are tailored for those seeking to establish professional-quality haunted houses or Halloween attractions. Additionally, the company’s offerings are well-suited for individuals in search of unique and high-quality Halloween costumes.

Von Grimm Productions stands as an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking to instill a spooky atmosphere into their Halloween events or attractions. The company’s high-quality products and services, backed by positive customer reviews, make it a reliable option for those aspiring to create professional haunted houses, Halloween attractions, or seeking distinctive and high-quality Halloween costumes.

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