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6750 W. Broadway Ave, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428
About This Supplier

FrightProps has over ten years of experience helping Halloween lovers and haunted attraction owners take their productions to the next level. Whether you’re looking for animatronics, pneumatics, or decorations and costumes – get it at FrightProps!

From home haunters who want to have the most ghastly garage on the block to the largest commercial haunted houses in the country, haunters from all walks of death know that when it comes to animatronics, pneumatics, controllers, audio, props and more, FrightProps can’t be beat!

Price Range 1
$0 to $100
Props / Artificial Foliage 
Props / Tombstones 
Props / Coffins 
Costumes / Clowns 
Costumes / Coats 
Costumes / Costume Corsets 
Costumes / Full Body 
Costumes / Half Body 
Costumes / Hoods 
Costumes / Mascots 
Costumes / Pet Costumes 
Costumes / Sleeves 
Costumes / Wigs 
Digital Decorations 
Digital Decorations / Projections 
Prop Fabrication / Fire Retardant 
Fog FX 
Fog FX / Fog Chillers 
Fog FX / Foam Fluid 
Fog FX / Foam Machines 
Fog FX / Fog Fluid 
Fog FX / Fog Machines 
Fog FX / Haze Fluid 
Fog FX / Fog Scents 
Lighting FX 
Lighting FX / Blacklight 
Lighting FX / Controllers 
Lighting FX / Flicker Effect 
Lighting FX / Lasers 
Lighting FX / Specialty Bulbs 
Lighting FX / Strobes 
Lighting FX / Vintage 
Makeup / Skin 
Makeup / Makeup Tutorials 
Lighting FX / LEDs 
Prop Fabrication 
Prop Fabrication / Adhesives 
Prop Fabrication / Air Blasters 
Prop Fabrication / Body Forms 
Prop Fabrication / Casting 
Prop Fabrication / Clay 
Prop Fabrication / Cleaners 
Prop Fabrication / Controllers 
Prop Fabrication / Fabrics 
Prop Fabrication / Fire Effect 
Prop Fabrication / Foam 
Prop Fabrication / Hot Wire 
Prop Fabrication / Life Casting 
Prop Fabrication / Lubricants 
Prop Fabrication / Molds 
Prop Fabrication / Motors 
Prop Fabrication / Plaster 
Prop Fabrication / Prop Pneumatics 
Prop Fabrication / Polyurethanes 
Prop Fabrication / Removers 
Prop Fabrication / Resins 
Prop Fabrication / Rust Finishes 
Prop Fabrication / Sealers 
Prop Fabrication / Silicones 
Prop Fabrication / Water Effects 
Prop Fabrication / Web Guns 
Props / Animals 
Props / Animatronics 
Props / Bodies 
Props / Body Parts 
Props / Creatures 
Props / Hardware 
Props / Hinges 
Props / Skeletons 
Props / Weapons 
Sound Effects 
Sound Effects / Buzzers 
Sound Effects / Music 
Sound Effects / Scare Prop Noises 
Sound Effects / Thunderstorm 
Fog FX / Bubble Fluid 
Fog FX / Snow Machines 
Makeup / Blood 
Props / Zombie 
Sound Effects / Controllers 
Fog FX / Haze Machines 
Fog FX / Snow Fluid 
Fog FX / Bubble Machines 
Costumes / Gloves 
Costumes / Zombie 
Props / Aliens 
Costumes / Gargoyle 
Prop Fabrication / Tutorials 
Haunted Attractions / Escape Rooms 
Costumes / Historical 
Costumes / Disney 
Costumes / Inflatable
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