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When Hinges Creak is a company specializing in products for haunted attractions, escape rooms, theme parks, and even TV shows. Offering finishes such as Antique Silver, Brass, Wrought Iron, Bakelite, and Genuine Rust, they cater to various aesthetic preferences. For those on a budget, unfinished pieces are also available. Their durable, field-tested set pieces can transform ordinary wall panels into scenes like laboratories, morgues, mansions, elevators, or anything one’s imagination envisions.

Ideal for creating a spooky atmosphere, When Hinges Creak’s products cater to those seeking memorable experiences in haunted houses, escape rooms, or theme parks. The company provides a wide array of products, including hinges, door knockers, door handles, locks, and more, with the option for custom designs to meet specific needs.

Highlighted among their top products are Antique Silver Hinges, Brass Hinges, Wrought Iron Hinges, Bakelite Hinges, and Genuine Rust Hinges. These items contribute to the eerie ambiance of haunted spaces.

When Hinges Creek’s cast copies replicate hard-to-find and unusual hinges, doorknobs, freezer handles, light up gauges, locks, elevator panels, gears and so much more.

They are then finished to look right at home in your haunted attraction.

When Hinges Creek has scoured the web, garage sales, flea markets, and antique shops to find hardware that are unusual and neat-looking.

New items are added to their collection regularly.

They have several products that light up:

  • Gauges,
  • electrical panels,
  • vacuum tubes,
  • etc.

None of the products utilize real glass but instead a clear resin, so there’s no shatter hazard.

All are illuminated with 12-volt DC LEDs and can be run on 9 15-volt DC for safe and efficient use.

You can even use a 9-volt battery for several days in a row of operation. LED lights last a long time, 50,000 hours is expected, though many go much longer than that.


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