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Halloween FX Props is your go-to website for an extensive array of top-notch Halloween and escape room props, all available at incredibly competitive prices. Their online platform showcases a wide range of products, from phone escape room props to vintage-style telephone replicas, elevator panels, and ghost lights, catering to diverse preferences and haunting needs.

Stay on the pulse with their latest offerings, including the intriguing garbage fog scent and garbage scent spritzer. Moreover, they provide specialized weatherproof boxes designed for electric motor controllers and precision round laser sensors, ensuring functionality and durability even in challenging conditions.

One of the standout features is their exceptional service in crafting custom Halloween props. The talented and creative team at Halloween FX Props brings your most daring ideas to life. Imagine ghastly creatures lurking in a toxic waste setting or picture an eerie haunted ghost ship sailing with its decrepit, cursed crew.

Step into the world of Halloween FX Props and unlock a realm of spine-chilling possibilities, where imagination knows no bounds.

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$0 to $100
Haunted Attractions 
Props / Coffins 
Digital Decorations 
Digital Decorations / Projections 
Prop Fabrication / Fire Retardant 
Fog FX 
Fog FX / Fog Chillers 
Fog FX / Fog Fluid 
Fog FX / Fog Machines 
Fog FX / Haze Fluid 
Fog FX / Fog Scents 
Lighting FX 
Lighting FX / Blacklight 
Lighting FX / Candles 
Lighting FX / Controllers 
Lighting FX / Flicker Effect 
Lighting FX / Lasers 
Lighting FX / Marquee & Signs 
Lighting FX / Power Supplies 
Lighting FX / Specialty Bulbs 
Lighting FX / Strobes 
Lighting FX / Vintage 
Lighting FX / LEDs 
Prop Fabrication / Air Blasters 
Prop Fabrication / Body Forms 
Prop Fabrication / Clamps 
Prop Fabrication / Controllers 
Prop Fabrication / Couplings 
Prop Fabrication / Fabrics 
Prop Fabrication / Fire Effect 
Prop Fabrication / Lubricants 
Prop Fabrication / Motors 
Prop Fabrication / Prop Pneumatics 
Props / Animals 
Props / Animatronics 
Props / Bodies 
Props / Body Parts 
Props / Bones 
Props / Busts 
Props / Butcher Props 
Props / Creatures 
Props / Custom 
Props / Figures 
Props / Fixtures 
Props / Guts 
Props / Hardware 
Props / Mannequins 
Props / Skeletons 
Props / Skulls 
Props / Statues 
Props / Wearables 
Scenic / Facades 
Sound Effects 
Sound Effects / Buzzers 
Sound Effects / Music 
Sound Effects / Audio Repeaters 
Sound Effects / Scare Prop Noises 
Video / Motion Sensors 
Fog FX / Bubble Fluid 
Fog FX / Snow Machines 
Makeup / Blood 
Sound Effects / Controllers 
Fog FX / Haze Machines 
Fog FX / Confetti Launchers 
Fog FX / Snow Fluid 
Fog FX / Bubble Machines 
Props / Clowns 
Props / Rentals 
Props / Aliens 
Haunted Attractions / Escape Rooms 
Lighting FX / Searchlights
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