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ETG creates high-startle, high-quality, low-maintenance special effects for haunted attractions! Design and consulting services available as well.

Effects To Go creates 4’x8’ scare panels that easily integrate into your existing attraction, whether it’s modular or in a permanent location. Our turnkey effects units are an ideal choice for high volume attractions, creating high impact startles with rapid reset times. All of our panel based effects feature no moving parts, which keeps the repetition high and the maintenance low. We use only the best materials to create each effect, ensuring a long product life with maximum performance and superior audio quality at high volumes.

Jake Farmer has been involved in the haunted attractions industry since 1999 when he first acted in a professional haunt. He caught the bug and went on to be involved in more aspects of the haunt and theme park business including scenic work, management, show directing, and of course, all technical matters. He’s honed these skills at various attractions and theme parks over the years, and has also become a Texas licensed pyrotechnician. Since 2013 he’s been the Technical Director & Assistant Show Designer at Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, Texas where he helps make the magic for multiple haunted events throughout the year.

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$0 to $100
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