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6210 All American Blvd, Oralndo, FL 32810
About This Supplier

Dental Distortions specializes in creating custom generic special effect novelty fake teeth and vampire fangs tailored for film, theater, Halloween, and haunted attractions. Renowned for movie-quality products, the company has carved a niche in the Hollywood film and entertainment industry.

Their diverse product range includes FX Fangs 2.0, Creepy Claws, Fitting Materials, Hollywood Smile, Gothika Contact Lenses, and Professional Makeup. Notable among their top offerings are BLACK GUMMED PENNYWISE FX Fangs, BLACK GUMMED RAPTOR FX Fangs, BLOODLUST FX Fangs, and Creepy Claw Fitting Tape.

Designed for anyone seeking high-quality special effect dental appliances, Dental Distortions’ products are particularly popular among those looking to alter their appearance for Halloween, film, theater, or other events.

Thousands of users attest to the effectiveness of Dental Distortions’ products in transforming their appearance. The positive reception reflects the company’s success in meeting the expectations of its customers.

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$0 to $100
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